step 1.....k

step 2.....sounds farmiliar

ste-- wha?! Ok NOW im confused!

that's what happenes when you're bored as me!  You find silly crap like this.

damn i left my emps behind

hmm....what do i say for this one, and why are you even reading it?!


[Editor Note: This map was released way before "avanti", and the TFC round system was released]

When i first laid my eyes apon some screenshots of Up a creek I became very excited. The pictures were breathtaking. I could hardly wait to D/L another decent looking map. When i read the objectives, i glistened with joy. Not only is it pretty looking, but it had 3 objectives (i love that.)

The objectives are as follows for the attacking team.

  • Send a demoman into the enemy base to destroy the crystal generator.
  • Snag the key from the key room.
  • Take it to the enemy rocket launching pad, and "turn them on their former masters."
    If you couldn't have guessed, the Defenders have to prevent the them from doing so.

    One of the most interesting parts of the map is the following: When one team scores, the teams will switch roles. Ie, if you are on attack and you launche the enemies rockets, you will switch to defense. Adversely, if you are on defense and you are able to hold the enemies off for 8 minuites you will switch to attack.

    I loved this map, and I think you will too. Primarlily because the because the attackers mission is not an easy task. What is even better is that if you are able to acheive your teams objective, you will have a chance in the other team's shoes. It is a bit confusing at first, especially if you are a lamer who does not look at the readme files, the full color instructions hanging on the walls are hilarious, and there is plenty of humor to be found. Dude, just get the map now.

  • Pros : Very attractive, not too easy, and you get to switch roles.
  • Cons : A bit big, just a teensy confusing at first.
  • Audience : A large group of level-headed gamers. Perfect for clan wars!
  • Final Verdict : Very few hangups, and real damn fun!

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