A map of the map, ain't that nice.

The respawn.

The captains private quarters.

The cargo bay.

The ships bridge.

The fire control room.

The objective of titanic is to collect 2 keys and an ammo box and take them deep into the bowels of a cargo ship, where you will use them to activate the ships security systems and target it at the enemy team. The two keys lie on opposite ends of the ship, one in the bridge and one in the captains private quarters. The ammo box lies inside a container in the middle of the cargo bay, which is the largest room of the map. The security systems consist of turrets everywhere, which will target the enemy team for a limited amount of time when you activate them.

The map has a nice atmosphere to it. The layout of the map is simple and not confusing, and is very playable. There are plenty of good strategic points that will ensure good fights. I have to say I really like this map, it’s a true example of a tfxmap, because it’s so original.

The best part of this map has to be watching the security system start up, but only if you are on the team that activated it. Watching the enemy run from room to room, being blasted by sentry turrets is so hilarious.

Being a reviewer though, I have to look for problems, and I admit it was very hard with this map. The only thing that I thought could be a problem, is the respawn rooms, due to them having no doors, and only a turret to defend them, they are easily spammed.

To end the review, I must admit I really do like this map, maybe it’s my sadistic side being let loose by the thoughts of a whole team being gunned down by turrets, or maybe it’s due to the original and fun map objective, coupled with a nicely laid out map. I really do recommend downloading the pack on which this map can be found, as you will not only get this, but also more TF maps from the [WTF?] crew.

Pros: Great objective and layout
Cons: The respawns beg for spam
Audience: Best for a public server
Final Verdict: This is a perfect example of an original idea.

Turbo Worm

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