The prison from the outside

Prison from the inside....ahh homely!

"flag" "room"

Enemy Base From Front

Running Out Of My Base

The Dimly Lit Main Foyer

Off My BattleMents Looking Down

Concing Off The Enemy Battlements

This map has 2 teams, and each team has one hostage. The hostage is unfortunatly a real player (a pyro in fact.) You must run to the enemy base, take their keycard, and run it to their prison, where you may escort your hotage to safety or let him fend for himself.

The Arcitechture was quite boring. There was nothing that stood out to make this map attractive at all. The outer-lighting was very bright, with no specail effects at all, and the indoor light was very dark, and it was hard to distinguish where the entrances to the massive foyer room were.

The layout was very simple. A little toooo simple if you ask me :) It was set up very much like a 2-forts map. The bases faced eachother, making it easy to avoid any out-door defenses if you are fast enough. Once inside there was not much to do but go up some ramps and grab the enemy key. The 'flag room' was very boring, it was a straight hallway with a bump in the middle, where the key rest on the floor. There was a window to the left overlooking the large foyer. Once you had the key you simply had to run out the door, and down another hallway (a 10 second walk) to the battlements, where the prison was. The prisoner could jump right off the battlements, and into the safety of his base, only to become the prisoner again.

This is somewhat of a boring map, and very hard to keep organized with a bunch of strangers. The role of the prisoners is very boring, and with no prisoners at all, its even more boring. I think anyone who is a prisoner will kill themselves AT LEAST once trying to master the napalm grenade jump, or trying to shoot a rocket out the prison window, I found myself trying to tally the minuites on the wall with my crowbar. When I was finally rescued by a medic, we decided it would be a good idea to max my health to 150 before we ran for base, only to realize you had about 5 seconds before the door closed on us, locking us both inside.

Pros:Nice Idea!
Cons:Bad lighting, No fun being prisoner, no one wants to be prisoner, its no fun without the prisoner, bad layout, and you can get stuck in the prison if you dont get out fast enough.
Audience:Anyone who is bored and wants to goof around. Not reccomended for public servers!
Final verdict:Skip it.

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