Setting up WorldCraft 3.3 for Half-Life Team Fortress

First of all this tutorial is how I set up WC3.3. If along the way you want to change an option feel free to do so, but if you're unsure whether to change something from what I say, don't try. Stick with what I specify because my setup works.

Compile Set-Up

I personally use a batch (.bat) file to compile my Half-Life maps, but if you don't feel brave enough to do so, either use WC's Normal, or the default Expert Compile set-ups.

However, if you want to know how I have things set up, here you go ...

%1 is the DOS variable for the .map file. In WC it looks like this: $path/$

I hope this tutorial has helped you set up WorldCraft3.3, and now you will go on to make great TF maps that you can send in to us for reviewal!!

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