Triggering sounds and messages

This tutorial will show you how to display messages and play sounds fromwithin the TF entities, something which is a feature in every TF map.  Theyare used to inform players when certain events occur to help players keep up todate with the current state of the map, such as a command point being captured,or a countdown to a gas release.


In this tutorial I will show you how to use info_tfgoals to display messagesto individual players, teams, and everyone playing the game.
It will also show you how to play sounds to indicate when certain events havehappened.


Within an info_tfgoal there are several properties that are used in sendingmessages and sounds to players, these are:

Information about vox sentences

To use vox sentences you need to find out which words can be used.  Todo this, get a pak editor and open up valve/pak0.pak and look in sound/vox/. There are also words in tfc/pak0.pak, also in sound/vox/.  These words,however, can only be used in Team Fortress maps.

Hopefully that will give you all the information you need to give the playersall the information they need.  If it isn't, give me some information aboutthe extra information that you require, so I can give it to you.  ( I thinkthat all makes sense )


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