Backpacks are features in most, if not all TF maps because they are the primary method of giving players more health, ammo and grenades.  To make them you need to use an info_tfgoal.  Create an info_tfgoal in the position where you want the backpack.  To make it appear as though it's resting on the floor, you need to put the info_tfgoal half in and half out of the floor brush, and orientate it in the direction you want the face of the backpack to point.  Now, set the following properties:

And that's it!  It may seem a lot, but you can just create one, and then copy it as many times as you need.  Just remember that if you copy it from one team to another, to change the 'team' key.

Using Detpacks

Many maps have places where you need a demoman to place a detpack to blow up an obstruction, allowing the rest of the team to pass through.  This is also done using an info_tfgoal.  To use it, set the following properties:

That's all you have to do for that.  If you want to make it so that once the blockade has been destroyed, you cannot get it back, such as in 'crossover2', you have to give the info_tfgoal a 'goal #' and put the same number in the property 'remove goal #' which makes it remove itself when it is fired, preventing it from being activated again.  Remember, this has to be a number, not a name.


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