I have been asked to explain how to make a map which uses rounds.  Examples of such maps are push, where everyone respawns after the goal is scored, and dustbowl where everyone respawns when a point is captured.  To create this effect is simple, you just need to set two keys in an info_tfgoal.  This info_tfgoal has to be triggered when the event occurs.  The two keys to set are:

If you only want the people to play through the map once, such as when all 3 points are captured in dustbowl, set the goal result bitfields to '4 - scores, intermission, end' which will force the map to end, and the next one to load.

Another effect which is noticeable in many maps is 'moving' spawn points.  These again are simple to create, and are often used in maps which have rounds.  To create them, simple make each spawn point as you normally would, but then assign each set of spawnpoints an individual group number.  You then use the 'restore spawn group' and 'remove spawn group' keys in an info_tfgoal to 'move' the spawn points around.

That's all I can think of that you may need to know for maps with rounds, if you have anything you want me to add, please contact me.


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