The Basic Room

Ok, I was asked to make a basic tutorial for a simple room, so here goes.

First of all, load World Craft, and start a new map.  We will start off by making the solid for the room.  Click on the brush tool

and then drag a box into one of the main windows.  Resize this until it looks like a decent size (look in the status bar and you will see the size changing as you move the sides.  Make it about 256*256*256).  Your main view will then look something like this:

Before we actually create this brush, we want to use a good texture, rather than the default AAATRIGGER.  Open the texture browser and select something more suitable.  Now create the brush by moving the mouse over one of the windows and pressing enter, it will create the brush.  We now need to hollow it out so that the player has somewhere to stand.  Do this by selecting the brush and right clicking on it - a menu will appear, click on 'Hollow'.  A window will pop up asking you how thick to make the walls.  Enter in 16 and press enter.  You will notice that your block has been carved up into 6 smaller blocks to form the walls of the room.

We now need to make it so that the player can see inside the room, so click on the point entity tool:

and select 'light' from the object drop down menu.  Click inside the room that we made, and make sure that the light is positioned inside the room on all views.  Once this is done, press enter again, and a small purple box will appear, showing the position of the light.

Now all that's left is the player start, again select the point entity tool, and select info_player_start from the object menu.  Click inside the box, and again position this so it is completely inside the room.  Again, press enter and a larger, green box will appear indicating the position of the player start.  Now, compile your map and run it in Half-Life, you should find yourself standing in a completely square room.

Have fun mapping,


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