Rock2 Style map

This tutorial will show you how to create a map like rock2, where you have to get an enemy key and take it to a switch, releasing the gas.

Get my example map here.  This map contains the very basics needed to create a gas map, not all of the areas are covered by the trigger_hurt and there are no backpacks.  It would need quite a bit more work to turn it into something like rock2, eg the way people in the other gas chamber don't get hurt when the door is closed, but they do when it is open.  I haven't yet had time to experiment with this, but I will do soon.


In this map, you will need ( one for each team ):


First of all, create your map, including the following areas:

We will now make the blue key and red drop-off point, both of these being in the blue base of course.  First of all, create an item_tfgoal where you want the key to be.  You then need to change the following properties:

That's it for this item_tfgoal.  We now need to create the drop off point for it.  This is done by creating a brush in the area where you want the player to be to drop off the key.  You then turn it into an i_t_g, which is a brush based version of an info_tfgoal.  The following propertied now need to be changed:

That's all for that entity.  I will now show you how to set up the multimanager.  Create one, and set the following properties (you have to turn off smartedit to do this, and use the 'add key' button):

This triggers a series of events, I will go through them in order.

Now that that is done, you can move on to the red key and the blue capture point.  They are done in the same way, but you have to swap all the references to blue and red, and don't forget to change the keys 'goal #' to 2 and the 'item to return' in the i_t_g to 2.  All of the points covered in this tutorial have been put into practice in the example map, which has a link to it from the top of this page.

This tutorial has covered making the basics of a rock2 style map.  You can also put other events like sounds in, such as using the vox to speak to the players when the keys are picked up or dropped etc.  These are done by utilising the speak properties in the various info_tfgoals.  You can also use a speaker triggered from the multimanagers to turn on a siren at the relevant times.  I may come back and show you how to do this, but first I am going to work on the other tutorials, so people can carry on with other maps as well.


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