Making a ladder

Putting a ladder in your map is actually quite easy. But like anything, it's only easy once you know how to do it.

First of all I best set up the ground rules. You must be able to make solids, tie them to entities, and align textures. Also anything in bracket-italics (like this) is what to enter/look for if you have smart edit off, or don't use Worldcraft. Other than that, you should be ok.

Now we start to build our ladder. First off make two block solids, one made of a {ladder texture and one made from aaatrigger. both have to be the same size, however the {ladder must be about 3 units thick and the aaatrigger can be from 1 unit, to about 8 units thick (see diagram if you don't get what I mean)

Now you have two solids, both looking nice, but not doing much at all. To give them "life" we need to tie them to entities.

Tie the {ladder solid to a func_wall and the aaatrigger solid to a func_ladder

The ladder is now functional, but the "illusion" ladder isn't see-through where it should be. To do this go to the propities of the func_wall (Alt+Enter) and go down to "Render Mode" (rendermode) and set this to "Solid" (4), now click on "Render Amount (1 - 255)" (renderamt) and set this to 1 (1).

Compile your map (F9)The func_ladder will now work, and the func_wall will give the illusion of the pysical ladder.

If you're still confused, here's a picture from Worldcraft to help you out -->

I've included a small demo map including a ladder, which has in it the bsp, rmf & map files. You can get it here.

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