The main TF entity with which you should be familiar is INFO_TFGOAL. This entity is activated and performs tasks when certain events occur, such as a flag being captured, or a hunted escaping.  The other entity here is an i_t_g which is a brush based version of the info_tfgoal.  Both entities are always in one of three different states.

While the info_tfgoal is in the inactive state, it is waiting to be triggered, or activated. They can be activated by other goals, by a player touching it, or by a trigger, such as trigger_multiple.

When an info_tfgoal is activated, it cannot be activated again until it goes back into the INACTIVE state. An info_tfgoal will stay in the active state long enough to perform which ever tasks need to be performed, such as giving health, ammo or points, or triggering other goals. When they have finished these tasks, they return to the inactive state.

An info_tfgoal can be put into the REMOVED state to prevent it from being activated or triggered. While it is in this state, nothing can activate it, and players cannot touch it. To enable it to be used again, you RESTORE it, which puts it back into the INACTIVE state, waiting to be activated again.

In order for a player to activate an info_tfgoal, they must meet the activation criteria specified in the entity's properties. If they do, then the goal is activated, and the player is called the Activating Player, or AP.


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