This entity is needed to allow the players of the map to spawn. First of all, create an info_player_start and place it at a point in the map which has a good view of the action. This allows players joining the map to watch what is happening while they choose their team and class.

Now you need to create the info_player_teamspawn entities. You need at least one for each player on the side to prevent telefragging. If you have 16 spawn point per team, it should be plenty (unless it is a hunted map, then for the 'hunted' team, which only has one player, you will only need one spawn point). You can set the starting angle of the player using the compass in worldcraft. This allows a player to identify with their surroundings when they spawn.

The following properties are the most important ones to fill in, although there are others which can be utilised, but they are beyond the scope of this tutorial.


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