Hunted Map

This tutorial will show you how to make a map where there are a team of assassins trying to kill an important person, while a team of bodyguards tries to get him to safety.

I will post an example map here soon, from which you will be able to copy the various entities and place them in your own maps.


In this map you will need to create:


You first need to make your map, including all the areas shown above.  We will now look at the TF entities required in this map to make it work.

The first entity you need to use is an info_tfdetect.  We need to set this up slightly differently to normal, by setting the following properties:

You now need to make an item_tfgoal.  This is then carried by the player who is the hunted, basically turning them into the hunted.  Its properties should be set as follows:

We will now set up the goal which is activated when the hunted dies.  It is an info_tfgoal, and has a goal # of 2.  Set these other properties:

That's it for that entity, we are now going to set up another info_tfgoal with a goal # of 3 which will give the red team ( the bodyguard ) their ammo and health when they spawn.  Set the following properties:

Now we need to do the same thing, but for the assassins.  Create another info_tfgoal and set up the following properties:

Now we have those entities set up, we can make the spawn points that will reference them.  The first spawn point we will create is for the blue team, ie the hunted.  You will only need one of these points, as you only have one hunted ( unless you are doing something quite strange ) so create the info_player_teamspawn and set the following properties:

Next up are the spawn points for the bodyguard.  You will need to create enough of these to accomodate as many poeple as may be in the team, as they all spawn at the same time at the start of each 'round'.  This means you should make at least 12, and possibly as many as 26 for a 32 player server.  Create one spawn point and set the following properties, then copy it as many times as you need:

You then need to make the spawn points for the assassins, you should place as many as you think you need, but spread them around the map at key locations, to save them time when it comes to getting into position, otherwise the hunted will be half-way to the finish by the time the assassins are in place.  Again, create one with the following properties, and copy it to where you need them:

That's it for the spawn points, and I just realised how big this page has got, so head on over to page 2 to continue...

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