Hide & Seek Maps

Ok there's two ways to do this, the easy way, or the hard way.
Doing it the hard way you might actually learn something, doing it the easy way is a matter of copy & pasting some ents into your map.

The Easy Way

Download this file and copy & paste the entities over to your map. Simple.

The Hard Way

Ok first create a small part of your level, somewhere where the flags will start and someway to connect the red and blue teams bases.

Next add some spawn points, you need two sets. One to be used when its time to hide the flag, and the other set to use when you're looking for it. These spawns should use the following values:

KeyHiding Spawn ValueSeeking Spawn Value
Spawn Group (group_no)1112
Initial State (goal_state)Ready to Use (0)Removed (1)
Activate Goal (activate_goal_no)100100
Remove Item From AP (axhitme)For Red Spawns: 1, Blue Spawns: 2
Goal Activation (g_a)33
Goal Result (goal_result)22

Next we need some flags, and a capture "point". For the flags use two item_tfgoal (one for red, one for blue) with the following settings:
KeyBlue ValueRed Value
Entity Referance Name (netname)Blue FlagRed Flag
Item # (goal_no)12
Item Group # (group_no)33
Model path/name.mdl (mdl)models/flag.mdlmodels/flag.mdl
Model skin (skin)21
Hasn't Item from group # (hasnt_item_from_group)33
Stay Active (wait)-1-1
Activate Goal # (activate_goal_no)55
Owned by (owned_by)Blue (1)Red (2)
Goal Activation Bits (g_a)47894789
Goal Effect Bits (g_e)11
Pause (pausetime)60006000
Highlight HUD item (items)Blue logo (131072)Red logo (262144)

Next create 2 solids out of the texture aaatrigger and make them both cover the WHOLE map. Now tie them to two entities, i_t_g's to be exact, and use the following settings:
KeyValue for i_t_g #1Value for i_t_g #2
Entity Referance Name (netname)Blue Capture PointRed Capture Point
Team Allowed to use Goal (team_no)Blue (1)Red (2)
Has Item (items_allowed)21
Stay Active (wait)1010
Delay before Activate (delay_time)0.20.2
Activate Goal (activate_goal_no)3030
Return Item#, if not carried (return_item_no)12
Remove Items in group # (r_i_g)33
Target (target)dividing_boarder_closedividing_boarder_close
Add/Subtract Frags (frags)1010
Blue Point Gain (increase_team1)100
Red Point Gain (increase_team2)010
Length of Endround (endround_time)22
Owners Endround Message (endround_owned_by)Your team found the Red Flag!Your team found the Blue Flag!
Non-Owners Endround Message (endround_non_owned_by)The Blue Team found your Flag!The Red Team found your Flag!
Owned By (owned_by)Blue (1)Red (2)
Global Speak (speak)vox/red flag has been foundvox/blue flag has been found
Goal Activation (g_a)11
Goal Effect (g_e)11

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