glass is extremly easy to make when you know how, and there are two types that you should be aware of. The first is solid and made from a func_wall. The second is breakable and made from func_breakable (simple isn't it).Both of these require the same settings to make the glass see thru, so one explanation should work for both.

Now, first make sure you have somwhere to put the glass, this should be easy as you would have already planned all that, now, choose from one of the many glass textures, and make a brush out of ti to fit the space in which you need glass. Once you have made the brush tie it to an entity, choose func_wall if you wish to have a solid window, or func_breakable if you want it to break when hit. You now have your entity, all you need now is a few settins and your done.

Ok, now go into the properties of your func_wall or func_breakable, and set the "Render Mode" to "Texture (2)". The set the "FX Amount(1-255)" to a number between 1 and 255. The higer you set the FX amount, the more solid the glass will appear (I usually set mine around the 90's).

Below is a window made using these settings- this one is breakable and allows access to a second room.

You can download an example here. The Render Mode and FX amount settings can be used in almost any entities, which is useful for making things like holograms and such like.

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