Dustbowl Style Map

This tutorial will show you how to create a map like dustbowl, where one team has to try and capture the enemy HQ, while the other team defends it.  Along the way, the attacking team has to capture intermediate points.  In the case of dustbowl, the attackers must capture two points before they can start the attack on the main HQ.


In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a map which has the following:


This kind of map requires few TF entities to make it work, however it needs to be carefully planned to give the right balance to the gameplay.  To follow this tutorial, the map should be split into 3 consecutive areas, which the attacking side have to capture in order.

All the areas of the map need the same entities, so I will first deal with area 1, then show you what to change for the other 2 areas.

Area 1

Create the spawnpoints for both the blue and red teams where you want them.  Assign them all to be in spawn group #1.  Also, make sure the initial state is 'On (Restored)'.  You then need to make the entity which will act as the flag.  Create an item_tfgoal and set these properties:

Now we need to specify the area the flag must be carried to.  To do this, create an i_t_g where the flag must be taken.  Set these properties:

And that's it for area 1.

For area 2, the blue spawnpoints are generally where the red ones were for area 1, and the red ones are near to the next capture point.  You then need to create the flag and capture point again, in the same way as before.  The following properties need to be changed in the new ones:

And that's all the changes that are required.

Now for area 3, again make the flag and capture point, and change the following properties:

And that's all for this map.  Of course, there are lots of other effects used in dustbowl, such as the grates which open after a certain amount of time to let the defenders set up, and the way the capture points change when they are captured.  These can all be done using various normal HL entities, triggered by the i_t_g's along the way.  If you have any difficulty with these, please don't hesitate to contact me, either by e-mail or on the forum.

Good Luck with your map - and don't forget to think balance constantly.


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