Adding decals to your map

Worldcraft make it fairly easy to add decals to your map, so long as you have everything set up right. This tutorial will guide you through adding a decal to your map using Worldcraft3.3, Worldcraft2.x does it in a defferent way, so i suggest you upgrade now if you're still using 2.x

Locate your valve/decals.wadFirst of all you need to add the decals .wad file into Worldcraft. Select Tools->Options->Textures->Add WAD.
Loctae your half-life/valve folder and select the "decals.wad" file. Click Open, then click Ok to return to your map.
Select the Decal tool Decal tool from the map tools bar (Shift+D), then click browse on the texture tool bar. Type in the filter box "{" and choose (double click on) one of the texture that's in greyscale (ie not coloured).

Choose your decal texture                My decal on the wall
Now click in the 3D-view where you want your decal to go, and bingo! You have a decal in your map!
Now if you look at figure 4 you'll notice my decal texture is the wrong way around, this will happen to you exactly 50% of the time, because on 2 out of the 4 walls in a square room the wall texture is actually a mirror of the real texture. This is most noticable when u place a texture with words on it. Basically what I'm saying is, this wont happen to you all the time, but when it does this is how you fix it...

Select the Texture application tool Texture applicator from the map tools bar (Shift+A) and left-click on the texture BEHIND the decal. Now in the Texture Applicator window change the X-Scale from 1.00 (or whatever your value is) to -1.00 (eg if your x-scale was 0.74 change it to -0.74, or if it was -3.6 there's not need to change it as it's already negative!)


Texture Applicator Window

Now you're all done! Compile the map and you'll have a lovely decal in your map, hopfully the right way around! If you're still confused, there's a small test map to go with the tutorial.

Download the test map

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