Command Point System

CZ2 Style

This tutorial will show you how to make a map like 'Canal Zone 2' where the teams have to take control of 5 command points.  It will show the absolute basics required to make a map of this type.  You can refer to the 'sounds and messages' tutorial to find out how to show messages when events like command points get captured, or all of the command points are taken.  You can get my example map here.


This is the most complicated type of TF map to make that I have come across so far, so only attempt this if you are prepared to stick it out until the end.  This tutorial will show you how I made the map, it is not necessarily the best way to go about it.  First of all create your map layout, with the following areas:

You may also want a separate room for the flags, to keep it separate from the spawn room.  You will notice that I have used a lot of goal numbers and goal group numbers in this map.  They may start to get confusing, and you may wonder why I have used these numbers.  This is because I had other values in place in the map, while I was trying to get it to work.  If too many people email me or post their confusion on the forum, then I will come back and change them to something more sensible.


We will start off by creating the flags that the players will pick up to carry to the capture points.  To make these you will need to use item_tfgoals.  They all have identical properties ( for each team that is ), so you only need make one blue one and one red one, then copy them as many times as you need ( 3 is a good number for 5 capture points, but if you decide to make a bigger map, you may need more flags).  To make the blue one, create an item_tfgoal and set the following properties:

That's it for the blue flag, now place it where you want it and copy it as many times as you need.  Create another item_tfgoal for the red flags and set these properties ( lots of them are the same as the blue flag):

That's it for the flags, we now need to create the capture points.  We need 4 entities at each point, these are:

To make the detection points, create two i_t_gs and place them so they cover all of the area just above the raised section.  You then need to change properties in both, but as lots of these are similar, I will do them side by side:


Blue i_t_g value Red i_t_g value
Goal initial state


Goal activation bitfields 1 - player touch
Team Blue Red
Has item from group # 14 24
If goal # removed 101 201
Goal effects bitfields 1 - Activating player



Remove goal



Restore goal 101 201
Remove items in group # 14 24
Goal results bitfields 2 - goals apply AP mods

That's it for those entities.  Now we need to make the two entities that will appear as flags on the command point.  Create two info_tfgoals, and set them up as follows:

Property Blue flag Red flag
Goal # 101 201
Goal group # 15 25
Goal initial state Removed
Model path/name.mdl models/flag.mdl
Model skin Blue Red
Goal activation bitfields 0 - none

Ok, we now have a command point 1.  To make the rest of the command points, copy all of these entites into the other places, and change the following information in each, where 'X' is the number of the command point:

Property Blue i_t_g value Red i_t_g value
If goal # removed 10X 20X
Remove goal 20X 10X
Restore goal 10X 20X

And the changes for the info_tfgoals...

Property Blue flag Red flag
Goal # 10X 20X

That wasn't so bad, was it?

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