Within the info_tfdetect you can set what classes each team is allowed to use. By default, all teams can use all classes, if you want to change thins look at your maps info_tfdetect and change the [Teamname] class limit toggleflags.
To work out the toggle flags all you need to do is select which classes from the list below you do and don't want in a team, and the Calculator will do the rest for you!
Combat Medic
Heavy Weapons Guy
Random Player Class
If you want to know more about the toggle flags, he's a snippet from HLERC:

maxammo_shells, maxammo_nails, maxammo_nails, maxammo_cells - These determine what classes are NOT allowed in the map. The order is the same as with the lives above:

maxammo_shells -> team1 classes restricted
maxammo_nails -> team2 classes restricted
maxammo_rockets -> team3 classes restricted
maxammo_cells -> team4 classes restricted

You set these with the use of bitpatterns, which are as follows:

Bit 1 (1) : No Scout
Bit 2 (2) : No Sniper
Bit 3 (4) : No Soldier
Bit 4 (8) : No Demolitions Man
Bit 5 (16) : No Combat Medic
Bit 6 (32) : No Heavy Weapons Guy
Bit 7 (64) : No Pyro
Bit 8 (128) : No Random PlayerClass
Bit 9 (256) : No Spy
Bit 10(512) : No Engineer

A word on bitpatterns:

With bitpatterns you can choose one or a combination of options. You can set the bits of the items you want to select.

Bit 1 on = 1
Bit 2 on = 2
Bit 3 on = 4 etc.

Bit 1 on AND Bit 3 on AND Bit 5 on will be 21

To use this classrestriction as an example:

Say you don't want Team1 players to be Snipers, Demomen and HWGuys. Team2 players can't be Soldiers, Medics and Spy's. Team3 can ONLY be a civilian class.

You will have to set the maxammo_shells (Team1) to 42
Sniper = 2 + Demoman = 8 + HWGuy = 32 = 42

You will have to set the maxammo_nails (Team2) to 276
Soldier = 4 + Medic = 16 + Spy = 256 = 276

You will have to set the maxammo_rockets (Team3) to -1
Civilian Class = -1 (ONLY The ugly guy with the umbrella can be played)
So you can assemble your own combination of this. Just add the corresponding bitvalues.

If you set maxammo_shells to 1023 you're pretty dumb because now Team1 can't be ANY class. :)

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