Hopefully we will be providing you with tutorials on all the TF map entites, and how to use them in combination to make new-style TF maps. These tutorials aredesigned to be a no-nonsense approach to creating TF maps. They start byintroducing the TF entities, and what they are used for. Then the latertutorials will move into map specific entities, such as what you need to createa hunted map, or a command point system.

If you would like to see a tutorial that isn't here, or have any questions about TF entities or TF mapping, either e-mail us or visit the Forum and post your ideas and comments there.


Beginners Tutorials

Setting up Worldcraft 3 for TF 1.5 (by Vitani)
Making your first room (by Azrael)
Lighting your map (by Azrael)
Making a climbable ladder (by Vitani)
Adding decals to your map (by Vitani)
Making glass (by TurboWorm)
Making a grate (by Vitani)

Beginners TF Tutorials

Team Specific Entities (by Azrael)
Triggering sounds and messages (by Azrael)
Respawn Rooms (by Azrael)
Maps with rounds (by Azrael)
Class Limits (by Azrael)


info_tfdetect (by Azrael)
info_tfgoal & i_t_g (by Azrael)
info_player_teamspawn (by Azrael)
func_nobuild (by Azrael)

Map Tutorials

Command Point System - CZ2 style (by Azrael)
Command Point System - Warpath style (by Azrael)
AvD Style Map - Dustbowl syle (by Azrael)
Hunted Map - like, er, hunted (by Azrael)
Gas Style Map - ala rock2 (by Azrael)
Hide & Seek - as invented by Vitani in Banana (by Vitani)
Capture The Flag - not a subject of the reviews here, but it still causes problems (by Azrael)

Misc Tutorials

Half-Life Animations - Turn those demos into avi, gif, or other movie formats

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