The Ramp Room

Security Override Switch

The Water Ways

The Red Base Enterance & Switch Building

The Blue Yard Area

The Flag Room

After playing Noggin's map Double Penetration I was fairly disappointed by Turn On.

The map is based on a similar theme to shutdown, the enemy flag is surrounds by a force-field which to switch of you must hit the switch in the center of the map. Hit the switch to enable your security and disable the enemy's, run in, grab the flag, and get out.

This map is really a border-line x-map, as it really CTF with a slight twist, what persuaded me to review this map was the idea of one switch for both teams, and the cleaver idea of the engineer's door (more on this later).

The design of the bases is very nice, fairly bland in the yard area with just a sniper nest and respawn door to look at, walk through to the ramp room and the atmosphere gets stronger with crates and such like. Although in the far corner of the ramp room there's a pile of crates that look like an alternate way up to the flag room, but turns out that the bottom crate is too small to jump on to. From the ramp room you can access the flag room, capture point, sniper nest and the base's main resupply/spawn room (with the engies door in it - I promise info on this later, honest!). In the flag room, you'll find a flag (duh) and a detpackable door. This door (once blown) can be replaced by an engineer if he carries (at half-speed) the replacement door from the resupply room to the hole created. A nice feature as the once blown the doorway provides a very good escape route, leading to the water ways and back to your base via no mans land (see told you I'd give you the info)

The area between the two bases is very pleasing to look at, with access to both bases via water or land, a sniper nest and the control switch building (which also displays who's security is on by lights on the outside - unfortunately the only place on the map, other than the flag rooms, that tells you this information). Considering the size and the amount of detail that has gone into the no mans land, during our play tests we suffered very little lag, which was quite surprising when our soldier fights were in full gear.

My main complaint about this map is the single switch for both teams. Not only do you have sever fire fights over it, but once you get there you can keep pressing the switch to activate your defence, thus providing everyone with a vox message over and over telling you the blue teams defence is up. Also if the blue defence is up, and a blue team member hits the switch (even though his defence is already up) anyone stood on the red flag point will be killed, strange, but true.

Overall, if your after a CTF map this is a fairly good one to pick, but if your after a CTF map, your on the wrong web site. This map could have been so much better if a few minor, yet major bugs had been fixed.

Pros: engie door idea & the flag force-field, looks very nice.
Cons: bugs, to big, to many
Audience: Controlled Clans
Final Verdict: CTF with a hat on


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