The Resupply Rooms

Part of the way around...

Another bit of the lap...

Another section...

The main area

The blue flag/capture point

I haven't seen a map like this before - There are two teams, each with their own flag. In order to score, a team must carry their flag on a lap around the map. The two teams go in opposite directions around the map. Once the flag has been brought back to the start, the team gains a point.

The layout of the map isn't too complicated and is fairly linear, but each room and area has been set out excellently with a lot of thought going into the brush and texture work, leaving the feel of a docklands area. You can't really get lost in this map, as you are following your signs around the map anyway.

Some interesting ideas have gone into this map, such as the way to get health, armour and ammo - you stand on the designated area on the floor, which are clearly identified by their custom textures, and it is given to you.

It should be quite interesting to see two teams running towards each other twice a lap striving to carry their flag around. As the flag must be carried past the enemy resupply and flag area, that will be an important area to try to defend, although both of these areas are opposite each other, so it could prove to be quite a nasty fight in this area.

Again, as in Double Trouble, the author has included a .map file containing the entities used so you can see how the effect was created. It would be good if more mappers could do this, as it greatly helps the people who are newer to mapping to see how certain things are done. ( It also helps me to write my tutorials ;) If I write one about either this map or Double Trouble, you can be sure to get plenty of credit, Cycloid - these maps are truly original ).

Pros: Nice layout, very original
Cons: Nothing really worth mentioning :)
Audience: This could be played on any server, public or clan game, and be enjoyed by all.

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