The Shaft .. go on, jump, you know you want to...

The pipe room, one of the most passed rooms in the map

It's yellow! It's a coridor!! Um, thats about it...

The outside, where it's raining, which is a nice idea!

This, apart from being strange and unusual, is a very original map. The general feeling of the map is that every person is the ViP from "Hunted", with each player being able to score if they manage to escape. The players objective in this map is to try and jump down the enemies' "shaft" after turning the protective steam barrier off, whilst avoiding the high level of spam and mind boggling confusingness (not too sure thats a word :) of the twisty corridors. Yes, this map is confusing. Tight twisty corridors, all of which look similar, are bound to attract countless Mirvs from budding demos and Hwguys, leaveing the player in a state of mild shock when trying to find their way out of their base. However, this affect tends to subside after a few playings of the game and leaves the player able to enjoy some of the other great aspects of this map.

The usage of textures, although being "out of the trend" of usual TFC maps, is well thought through adding atmosphere to the maps dark and metallic feel. This does give the map a deathmatch feel though reminding,and scaring, me of the dark medieval days of deathmatch. The architecture is nicely constructed without being too complex leaving low r_speeds for the multiplayer massacre. Weather effects surprised me in this map, as I've never seen them used before, with rain beating down of the ground when you eventually find your way out of your base. Very cool :). The map design, apart from twisty corridors, has been well thought through in regard to the respawn area of the map, which has three exits cutting down on enemy spam. The base, however, only has two entrances which are both fairly easy to defend unless spammed :(. The lighting is adequate for the level although, the lights themselves protude from the walls and the player can "catch" themselves on them.

I hope this map does eventually finds its way onto servers as it deserves to be played in my honest opinion. The feeling of elation as one flings himself into the dark pit and hurtles gloomy blackness below needs to be shared by countless TFC players. This is a map worthy of finding its way onto TFx Maps, and aside from certain short comings, is fun and I am putting in a suggestion to Play Test it further.

Pros: Weather Effects, Map objective, Good design
Cons: Easy defense, Attracts Spam, confusing :)
Audience: Not clan matches
Final Verdict: Nice :)


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