A nice sacrafice is one of the first things you come accross in this map

The bridge is a pinicle defence point between point 1 & 2

Command point two, and a nice little palm tree too!

This is the maya villagey area, nice spots for snipers & sgs

The final capture point

Just finished playing maya and I must say, rah.

Temple of the Maya is an Invade & Defend-Type map, ala Dustbowl. The attacking team have 25 minutes to capture all three capture points in order to win the map. The defenders, rather obviously, have to stop them.

So it's another spambowl is it? Well... yes. But there's two kinds of people in this world. Those who see one MIRV being thrown and shout "Stop spamming you " and then there's those who see 3 MIRVs, 2 EMPs and a couple of nail grens and say "Mmmm, nice spam". I'm the latter, so this map was fine for me. If, however, you're the former, you're not going to have much fun here if you're an attaker.

The map looks stunning. Some people have criticised it, I don't know why, but they have. I think it's looks aewsome. The screen shots don't really do it justice, but you can get the idea of how the [WTF?] duo have captured the Mayan theme, and placed it rather successfully into TFC. Also the background noises are a perfect touch. You don't really notices them over the sound of rockets and grenades flying all over the place, but they're there, and they're good.

I did find one thing rather frustrating about this map. When you spawn as an attacking player after capturing command point 1, you're natural reaction is to turn left as you exit (well mine was) and after the 5th time of running the wrong way to the next command point, you get a little annoyed with yourself. A little sign outside pointing right would have been a nice reminder of where to go.

This is a well designed, and fun map to play. Even if you don't like dustbowl you should try this map at least once just to admire it's beauty. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a few beta test of this map in it's infancy, and I've looked forward to reveiwing it ever since. It totally deserves a 9/10 in my books. One for the top ten I'm sure!

Pros: Looks outstanding, plays well
Cons: A few niggles, but nothing that spoils the map
Audience: Publics, not suited for clan by it's nature
Final Verdict: Simply brilliant!

--Vitani PS Keep a sharp eye out for one or two of the maps little secrets :o)

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