Hunted Spawn point - the crashed carrier

One of the good sniping points of the map, the dam

Another way accross the gap is this wooden bridge

And to your left you can see to big, er, thingys

The escape point. 'nuff said.

I can see my house from here!! (Failing that you can see the hunted approching)

Renegade is a hunted style map whose goals don't differ at all from the original hunted map, there are 3 teams, one trying to help a civilian, and one trying to kill him, while he himself has to escape. This map comes with a background story to it, and this helps to set the scene, as you are thrown back into the midst of the Black Mesa compound ( Read the readme file that comes with it for the full story ).

This hunted map is much larger than the original, with plenty of spaces for the enemy snipers to dig in with long distances to shoot across. However, to even up the teams a little, the bodyguards are also allowed to have snipers on their team, which will help to remove the assassins.

A lot of thought has gone into this map, with it's twisty corridors and small airducts for the assassins to crawl through, which interconnect the larger, well set out areas of the map. Each section has it's own little theme to bring to the map as a whole, and you may find you remember some of the areas from the original hazard course.

The texturing is also good, with appropriate textures adding to the required atmosphere of the level, along with the ambient noises and effects. The final room ( where the hunted has to get to ) has been set out excellently with the lighting and effects used. At some stage it is worthwhile to try 'escaping' as one of the other teams, as the map maker has put in some interesting ideas - but I'll leave you to discover what they are.

Overall this map is very good, with both teams having good chances of killing the other, the assassins have to take advantage of the wide open spaces, while the bodyguards have plenty of small, twisty areas to navigate through, giving them the chance to take out the enemy.

Pros: Well laid out, nice idea
Cons: Perhaps a little too big for this kind of map, and you can get stuck in a couple of places
Audience: This will do well on public servers, but clans probably won't use it due to it's nature
Final Verdict: Good map which is laid out well, but the player who plays the hunted will have to be good, as it's a large map to fight through


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