The red base

The exit

The blue 'catapult'

The blue spawn rooms

The red base, taken whilst flying

The red spawn

Outside the red base

What the red team sees

This is a very simple map, with a unique(ish) objective. Escape. Basically there are two teams, a red and a blue. The story goes that the red team has had enough of protecting the blue prez's, so they start trying to assassinate them, and yes, the blue team has to escape. There isn't much skill to the escape route, it's all a bit of luck, but it feels good everytime you walk through the archway and hear the word "Puuulll!!!"

When you first start playing this map, it is quite amusing, but it can get a bit boring for the presidents after a while, and it's basically a target practice for the sniper class. This could be good if you play sniper a lot, and you have a bot that you can use for the prez's, as you can always fire up a lan game and put some fakelag on.

This map should be put on a server where there is always someone watching to be able to change from it when the players want to, or where there is a mapvote available. It's probably not for the mainstream servers, as they are likely to lose all of the players at once - a lot of people are going to see this map come on and think "oh no, not this again" (I personally think it's very amusing and should be played a lot).

Pros: Original, and very amusing to start with
Cons: Could get tedious quickly for a lot of players
Audience: Definitely not one for clan matches, and should be played by people who can handle 30 minutes of the same thing happening time after time.
Final Verdict: Good map to start with, and I think it should make it onto some, but not all, servers.

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