View from the top

And one from the bottom

The field replete with target

View from the VERY bottom

When I first read the read-me accompanying this file I thought this was a good idea. In a Quake3 stylee (please forgive me for the Q3 comparisons throughout) it has a number of platforms suspended above a field by, well nothing. Touch the field and you die.

Well this worked in Quake 3 so well so why wont it work here? Well firstly Half life’s lack of jump pads means travel between the platforms is the good old ramp. But why oh why oh why did they have to be so narrow?! Quake 3 may be ok if this was the case, some accurate jumping yes but no other problems. However TFC with its plethora of grenades, rockets, concs and similar means you will fall off again and again and again and again…. In 5 minutes I managed to fall of 37 times.

Also the steepness of the ramps does not help. If you are a light class then you will often become rather out of control when descending them. This can result in overrun and yet more death. If you are a heavier class and thus slower going up is agonisingly slow.

Next up is the fact that all the platforms are completely flat. At least most Q3 (yes that game again) levels has a small ridge around the edge so you could tell when you were right on the edge. Not so here. Also this creates a supremely dull looking map, as there are all of 4 textures on this map.

Next comes the fact of falling with the flag… Now when this happens you have the good old wait for 60 seconds. This means most the map is spent waiting for the flag to return. Okay there is another way to score frags (and no not killing people) but still couldn’t it have been shortened?

It is a shame that I have to give this map a bad score because of the many touches there are. The witty (the first time) comments when you fall down and die. The interesting target praccy for points (oops gave it away). The fact you can jump straight down and conc straight back to the top. The basic IDEA of the map. The main problem?

Well if the map was along rather than up down it would play better. Also the odd thing to hide behind (of which it is sorely lacking) would help. Final verdict? Damn the lack of jump pads in TFC…

Pros: Great idea. Suicide frags.
Cons: too many explosives equal mucho suicide from falling.
Audience: Won’t work in a public server, too small for clan games. For messing bout with friends?
Verdict: Brilliant idea flawed by the layout and lack of jump pads. Worth a try.

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