Outside the base

The capture points

The scientist (or flag as most people would use)

This map has 4 teams, but also has 2 consecutive games running. The first, and most simple game is a deathmatch between the yellow and green teams. These two teams cannot interact with the red and blue teams in any way, and in the same way, the red and blue teams cannot do anything to help or hinder the yellow and green teams. The yellow and green teams cannot score in any way, only kill the other team.

The actual Team Fortress part of this map comprises two bases which gave me the impression of a deathmatch level, with the way it was constructed and the ambient sounds used. The objective is to get into the enemy base, and take a scientist from them. You then have to return it to your own base where upon you can take it to two different capture points - a yellow one and a green one. These capture points are quite small and took me a while to find - the green lighting used on some of the console machines on the walls confused me, and as I rounded several corners I thought I had found them, only to find it was another console. Once you know where the points are, and where the scientists are, it is still quite easy to get lost in the level as there are lots of passages which twist and turn around, mixed in with several large rooms.

When you capture the scientist, you can do it in one of two ways. If you take him to the yellow point, your team gets 30 points. However, there is an interesting twist in this level - you can capture on the green point and only get 20 points, but you also get quad damage.

The blue and red teams can use teleporters located above one of their respawn rooms to spawn onto opposite sides of the battle arena used by the yellow and green teams to watch the action, but cannot fire into the arena. This idea is novel, but in the end I think not many people will play the deathmatch part, so this area just adds to the r_speeds in the level.

It seems to me that Hitman (the map maker) had been playing Science and Industry, and decided to try and recreate the effect of nicking scientists in Team Fortress, only it didn't really work. All in all, it is almost a CTF map, but instead it is CTS ( ie capture the scientist ) so it only barely makes it onto this site.

Pros: Not a lot
Cons: Using scientist models rather than flags - the only reason it's on here
Audience: This map won't hold anyone's attention for long
Final Verdict: In a word - crap.

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