The courtyard is filled with barricades and painful barbed wire.

The cap point lies on top of this tower.

One of the great traps.

The tunnels are on the crampt side.

Ironman's objective runs along the same lines as warpath and cz2. The difference is that it only has one cap point which lies on the top of a tower that sticks out of the middle of the map. On top of this the teams can only capture this objective using flags retrieved from the enemies side of the map. and then have to climb down a ladder and through a tunnel section to finally reach a ladder that leads to the towers top floor. To stop you from achieving this there are many obstacles such as barbed wire on the overland section, some rather hilarious traps at the beginning of the tunnels, the bottom of the ladder lies over a pool of water that can have a strong current of electricity run through it, and on top of this there are plenty of places for the enemy team to hide and jump on you. Once you reach the tower and have capped the flag, it will stay there until the enemy manage to take it themselves, so the best description of the objective I can think of is 'take and hold'.

The maps size is rather surprising as it seems to pack a hefty amount obstacles and features into a small map, especially at points such as the tunnels closest to the ladder, which only have enough room for single file movement, and so can be very hazardous. From the size of the map I would guess that four to ten players would be best, any more and there will be no room to fight.

My favourite part of this map is the two traps that block each tunnel entrance, each must be operated by a player pressing a button further down the corridor, and each has it's own way of bringing about the horrible demise of any who are unfortunate enough to end up in one. The first captures the players in a cage, where large crystal like objects slide out of the walls and then emit a large wave of lasers between them, frying anyone inside the cage. The second opens up a pit for players to fall into, and after a few seconds the pits seals them in to face several large explosions (very messy when you get a lot of people). The traps will make you laugh over and over again as you see some poor enemy stumbles into your trap to realise what's happened.

If I have to get picky about any part of this map, it's the really narrow tunnels that surround the two entrances to the tower ladder, and then the possibility of being electrocuted when you reach it. The size of the tunnels means that most classes will be trapped by all but a scout blocking the way, and after already facing barbed wire and mean trap, and the prospect of electrified water afterwards, then these tunnels must at least offer a chance of manoeuvring

Overall I would have to say this map is best suited to those small games where even four players can enjoy themselves, and for such a small map it is full of defence features that will make even a veteran offence player weep. It is enjoyable to play and can be a good break from some the more serious maps.

Pros A good objective with some excelent traps.
Cons Very crampt in some places.
Audience A good public server map.
Final Verdict With the right amount of players, this map will be very fun indeed.

Turbo Worm

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