That's the blue base front. Very .... bland...

No mans land, those flag represtent each vitals points status

Inside the base, down the ladders is the third, easiest to defend,  vital point

The main yard of the red base.

Sorry to say this, but this map sucks.

The idea behind it is a good one - destroy the enemy base - simple enough, good idea, and easy to accomplish, perhaps if any class could pull it off, however only engineers (or more specifically their spanner) and demomen (‘s detpacks) can damage vital points. What’s worse is any class can fix a point by simply pressing a button.

This map is waaay too easy to defend on, and yet very hard to defend. You have three points to defend in your base. The enemy team scores by damaging them, and gets bonus points if all three are blown. Destroying all three is near impossible (however was achieved in play testing due to the defending team getting lost in their own base!!)

Another bad point is the connectivity of the map, at a lot of points your base is too narrow, and too linear for players to navigate. A well placed SG or HWGuy could cause havoc. Additionally there are many point on your travels where you will be forced to jump up onto ledges that are just slightly too high for you to step up on. I counted five in each base making life that little bit more frustrating.

All these things put together make an annoying and frustrating map to have to play. It’s a perfect example of how not to map … yet a perfect example of a good (idea for an) x-map.

Pros: Nice Idea
Cons: Unconnective, ugly, too hard
Audience: TFC DMers
Final Verdict: Not worth your bandwidth in dl time


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