Home to the Hunted & Bodyguards

First Contact for the Hunted

''Main Road''

That's the Escape van over there, open the big doors with the button in one of the two towers

''The Ruins''

''Alley'' from one of the (many) sniper nests

''Sewers'' (yuck)

Home to the Snipers

Best place for a frag - the crate room

Hunted, a hunted map. With a hunted, some bodyguards, and some assassins.

What more can you say about it really? Well for starters it based on one of the maps from the Half-Life single player game, it flows brilliantly, and you either love it, or hate it. The idea is for the bodyguards (Medic, Soldier & HWGuys) to escort a civilian (often referred to as the "pres") to the truck waiting behind some garage doors. Not that hard really, except there's (up to) 5 snipers out to kill him, in any way possible. Oh yeah, and when the pres dies, or escapes, everybody respawns, so you can all start the fun again!!

I like this map, the architecture is brilliant, the ambiance are spot on, and the amount of sniper holes there are, and different routes the pres can take keep you on your toes, and always keep the map fresh. However, this is an old map, been in TFC since day one, so I think it's been a bit over played and a lot of people don't like it that much. I love it. It's a great Sunday afternoon map that you can have a friendly frag on, but still keep the flow of TFC in there.

Unfortunately on a full 16-man server, due to the team limits, you get 5 snipers, 1 pres, and 10 bodyguards (usually 4 HWGuys, 5 Soldiers, and the odd medic), making it very hard for the assassins to kill anyone, let alone the pres. However on the other foot, I played this map the other day, and we had 4 snipers, and a single bodyguard & pres. 4v2 isn't fair on the best of days, but 4 fairly LBP snipers vs a Soldier & a civilian is downright impossible! Another annoying nag is when servers have class limits on. Only allowing 1 sniper per team kind of defeats the object of Hunted, but that's a server thing, not a map problem.

Hunted has it's pro's, and it has it's cons, people who like it will only see one, people who don't will only see the other. What I say is if you haven't played Hunted in over a month, go play it now. You should easily be able to find a server running it, I found one running Hunted for 50mins at a time a while back, so there's no excuse really.

There's not much more I can say about this map really, I think a lot of people have their own view on this map already, so I'm just going to finish by saying "Hunted is a class map" take it as you wish.

Pros: fun, fast, valve.
Cons: can get unfair if the teams aren't even
Audience: should be on public servers everywhere!
Final Verdict: The Original (TFC) Hunted. Need I say more?

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