The ball archway lie here int he centre.

A view of the archway.

The capture point and yard.

The inside of a base.

Hot Balls is a TFC soccer map, just like Push. There’s not a lot you can say about these types of maps, but I’ll do my best. Each teams has a base as usual, which all in all consists of a set of sniper windows, a circle tunnel system, and a back yards with ramps leading to the cap zone. In the centre of the map is an archway, which has the soccer ball perched on top of it, only to be accessed by two ladders, or well aimed rocket jumps. There is also an assortment of large shipping crates spread all over the place, to add cover in between the other features.

If you’re a fan of Push, then you will definitely like hotballs. The layout is simple with not too little or too much terrain, and allows fast and furious playing. The engineer and spy classes have been removed, so sentry guns slowing down the action is not a problem, though I rather like the idea of passing to a team mate to realise he is in fact a spy.

To some it up, I can’t really give the map a great score, because there is very little to it design wise, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a good map, because it has all it needs to have fun. This is at least one to try, and as it comes on one of the [WTF?] map packs, you get a whole selection of maps to choose from.

Pros: Simple design and layout.
Cons: Getting the off the arch is hard.
Audience: This is a public or LAN map
Final Verdict: A nice map that deserves to be kept in you map folder just in case.

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