Outside Blue's Base

The Security Override room ... sweet

The Yard, and the flag, key & cap points!

Well it’s about time I got round to writing another review, so here we go!

This map is very borderline x-map, as in essence it’s ctf, but as it’s got a nice twist in it, we’re reviewing it. Your objective is to deactivate the laser defence around the enemy flag, then grab the flag and run back to your base and cap the flag in your centre yard. To do this you have to take a key from your base and take it to the enemy security control to switch off the lasers field for 30 seconds.

This map has a great, and unique idea. It’s takes the shutdown switch idea a step further, and it works. However the level is a bit on the small side and there’s virtually no choke points for the defence to set up around. The main part of the level is the yard, reminds of the rock2 yard … but in a desert setting, oh and it looks nicer. This is where both your flag & key are held, also it’s where the cap point is. So it’s the very centre of all the games action.

The rest of the level is a couple of tunnels leading to/from the yard to the area between the two “bases”, one of which is detpackable. There are two respawn/supply rooms; these I like as you resupply by walking up to HEV recharge stations mounted on the walls (touch activated, unlike their single player counterparts).

High Security (League) is a very nice looking map. It uses the desert theme of Dustbowl & Warpath, which gives it a big TF2 feel, which is nice. The only problem is that it’s just simply too small. It’s hard to defend, mainly due to the dire lack of good sentry & dispenser spots. There’s also a fair amount of mid-map deathmatching as the routes from the bases are narrow and confining.

Really this isn’t an x-map, and as an x-map it’s fairly bland. But as a ctf-map-with-a-twist, it’s one of the good ones.

Pros: Looks very sweet
Cons: Just too small
Audience: Small clan games, public games
Final Verdict: Nice, but small!!!!!!!


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