The Office

Defense Lifts

The reactor from level B ( I think )

Level B control room

Level A and B stores

Reactor from level D

This is a map where one team defends, while the other team attacks. Unlike dustbowl, where intermediate points have to be captured, you have to get the enemy key card from the top floor and carry it down to an airlock control by the bottom of a reactor. Once down there, a demoman must stand in the airlock while someone else activates it, giving him access to the reactor core in order to set a detpack. Because of this, it means it is a true team map, as one person on their own cannot complete the objective.

The texturing in the map is excellent and well thought out, and the layout, although complex, is fairly easy to learn and you will soon find the many different ways into the enemy base. Unfortunatly, the level was just a little bit too dark in one or two places, but the rest of the lighting is excellent.

Some of the architecture in this map is good, especially since it is the authors first released map. I like the sentry guns placed where the attacking team starts - and just inside the front door where there is a big gantry with a crate on it - it certainly fits in well.

I think this map will probably be harder for the attacking team than the defenders, because of the objective set out, but everyone will have fun playing it. There are plenty of places for the defense to, well, defend, but then again, there are lots of routes in, meaning that the well dug in defense will also be fairly spread out.

Pros: New idea, good layout
Cons: Could prove to be unbalanced
Audience: This should be played on public servers but wouldn't do well in clan matches due to it's nature
Final Verdict: A good map that deserves to be played

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