Goregasm is very barely an X-Map, so despite it being a very good, and well-constructed map, it’s going to get a fairly bad score (sorry!)

The objective of this map is simple. Capture the enemy’s flag. Unfortunately, the enemy team have erected a security system around the flag to try to stop this happening. You must disable the security, grab the flag, and get out, alive, to capture the flag.

The security system is what makes this map an X-Map. There’s two ways of deactivating it. As normal a switch, located near the entrance of the base, but additionally it can be shutdown directly from the flag room by simultaneously pressing two buttons, one either side of the flag. A scout can do this on his/her own, but generally you need two well-coordinated people to do it, especially when you have the defence breathing down your neck!

The layout of the level is good, a little confusing at first, but once played a few times you get used to what leads to where. The map is really well balanced. Narrow in parts for a lock-down defence, and enough open points for the attack to conc-jump past (most noticeably the flag room). There’s a few good sentry points, mostly off-ground on crates and boxes scattered round the level, but not many places to build a defensive dispenser. Soldiers and HWGuys will find nice places to defend, but snipers will have trouble, as there’s no real place for them to snipe from. Medics and scouts will have fun bunny hopping through (the lovely) no-mans-land, at least until the next patch when they take it out (again). There’s an alternative route between the bases through the sewage system which is accessible from inside your own base, and takes you to a tall tower outside the enemies front door.

This map is a very, VERY nice map. It looks amazing, and it plays well to boot. But, it’s an awful X-Map. It’s perfect for a clan war, or league play as I find it balanced and very fair to play. Unfortunately I didn’t find it very fun to play. It felt like a clan game, even though we were only play-testing it, so I can’t imagine people saying “Hey, lets go have a muck-about on Goregasm!”

In conclusion, as I said before, this is a very nice map, but a very poor X-Map.

Pros: Its looks are astounding
Cons: A poor excuse for an X-Map
Audience: Clans & Leagues
Final Verdict: Good. Just, good

- Vitani

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