Hear the crowd roar as you go down the tunnel...

The arena in all its glory

Cunning secret air thingy

A football.  On a podium. Rah?

Oooooo Bob rides again to continue to post despite all odds :-)

Well another review, another map (suprisingly) and this one is another new concept thingy from Geenie. In retrospect it isn’t THAT new cos it is similar to murderball so it isn't, bah you know what i mean.
SO what is it like. To be rational for once i will go through each main point one at a time.

Well it looks pretty but it isn’t especially complex. Big room, hilly bits round sides, respawn, plinth thingy for ball. That’s it. But it isn’t supposed to be complex cos then it wouldn’t be as fun. SO overall it is quite pretty but not complex enough in prettiness to deserve top marks. If it was a complex map it would have been scored highly if it were to be of this level. I am now rambling on about nothing...

Another moot point. Well it is suitably laid out for what it is trying to do. So it is an accomplishment. But then 9again) it isn’t very complex. SO yeah. Well I spose cos it is what it is supposed to be i cant criticise it. Buh :-)

This map is fun with a capital FU. The whole aim, to hold the ball for as long as possible is good. With lots of people it becomes a veritable bloodbath with peeps running around the edges to keep themselves alive for as long as possible. Also there is the factor of teamwork where your other team members try to escort you, to take shots meant for you, or try to throw those trying to kill you off. Tis good, good I say!

Well as I said at the start it is quite original, just not as original as it COULD be. So murderball has been done before that is similar but still it clings onto it like a good’un. Also 187footie has been done once but this is a remake so that doesn’t count :-)

Moot point mkIII. Well it is balanced as it is exactly the same for all 4 teams cos it cant really be biased in any way. However only thing that is vaguely biased is the fact the air launch is next to the blue spawn and there aren’t any near the rest of the spawns. Nothing much though.

So overall a great fun map with plenty of spaces and limited enough to stop it being pointless. Spies are funny, soldiers hard and medics fast so keep running. A good game, not valid for clan play but still good. Buh and stuff.

Pros: Good fun, simple and addictive
Cons: Not suitable for clans, air thingy near blue only
Audience: Peeps out for a laugh
Final Verdict: A very fun map, you know you wanna play it


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