The rather un-exciting respawn room

The blue teams base, looks quite nice from outside

The Central complex where the flag resides

The Underground passages

Push the button, and the turret id your to command, TO CONTROL!

Flag Control is a good idea in theory, but in practice it really doesn’t work well.

The map itself is shabby, poorly textured, confusing, and not very easy to run around. It IS however very easy to learn, I managed to get to the flag and back to my base no problem. The objective of this map is quite simple. Go to the centre of the base, grab the single flag for all four (yes four) teams and take it back to your base. Now that’s not hard is it? Not hard, but as the flag carrier you have to stand on a block the size of the 2fort cap point in order to score for your team. You can’t move very far or else you stop scoring, and if you enter one of your two re-supply rooms you die and the flag returns.

Imagine this, you’re on a 56k modem, paying to be online, you grab the flag and spend 20 minutes of the map stood on a single spot, just so your team can win. Yes this is boring. Yes the map looks ugly. Yes this can, and should be done better.

The only really good thing about this map is that it has a very well laid out plan. The flag is easy to get to, and your base is never hard to find, even if you have to run around for a bit looking for it, you wont be running for long. Unfortunately there are too many bad points for this map to be good. About 40% of the map is very dark, the sniper windows are at that weird height where they are too low stood up, and too high when u crouch. The map looks and plays ugly.

This map could have been soo much better, but alas it was not. If you’re after a map where you can get mp_teamplay to 0 and have a frag feast, then you could have some good fun on this one. Other than that, it’s just not TFC.

Pros: Great for DM
Cons: Bad for TFC
Audience: Might get played on a lan, maybe.
Final Verdict: It’s just not TFC.


Additional: Since reviewing this map I have been informed that you need a lot of players to do this map right, as we can only field an 8-man server, I guess we didn't give it a good enough test. But with FlagConrol2 available (and being reviewed here soon) I suggest you get #2 and leave #1 for TF-DM as there's nothing wrong with TF-DM.

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