Blowing the blue doors, I think I best start running...


The Capture Point, complete with flag carrier

The central complex, where the flag resides

The blue base, door to the right are depackable, doors to the left are the normal way in

I'm gunna get me a flag.

Flag Control 2, "BIGGER & BETTER!" and "aimed towards clan games" according to the author, lets have a look shall we...

Well for starters this is the second flag control map, the first (called Flag Control if you hadn't guessed) was a 4-team capture & hold map, this one has only has 2 teams is still capture & hold, but that's where the similarities end. The idea is to grab the flag from the center of the map and take it back to your base, stand on the capture point and hold it there.

The player with the flag has to stand on the cap point to score points for their team, it perhaps would have been better to do a cz2 type capture-style, but this works and I can assure you that you wont be stood still for long ... if the enemy team has anything to do with it!

This map looks stunning. The textures are beautiful, and the flow is nice. There's 4 ways into the central complex where the flag is held, and two ways in to the enemy base - one has to be detpacked, but is re-sealable. However the rocks covering the entrance appear from nowhere which would only annoy the most picky of us.

There are a few bug in the map. The flag locator in the respawn rooms is very hard to understand, and sometimes gets confused as to where the flag is (at one point it thought it was in both red & blue base, when it was in the central base!!) so this makes it a fairly un-reliable source. I also managed to get down into the enemy respawn room, and using their own resupply shield, I spammed the respawn points with napalm grenades. Evil I know, but a major bug in a map that claims to be clanable.

Other than the two fairly big bugs, the map played well, and was quite fun to have a friendly frag on. I doubt any clan would want a war on this map, but I imagine one could be pulled off by two fun loving clans just having a friendly.

Pros: looks very, very good
Cons: buggy
Audience: fun-loving clans, or a nice public server
Final Verdict: Lovely!!


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