Some nice architecture

The escape door

The escape zone

Sniper spots

Hidey holes

Extraction is a hunted map, which is a difficult type of map to pull off successfully. However, this map isn't just a straight forward hunted, as there are also a couple of goals along the way which both teams can achieve to score more points. For the hunted and the bodyguards, there are some "plans" that the assassins have left lying around, and if the hunted picks them up on the way out, he will score an extra 10 points (35 for escaping, rather than 25). The assassins also have a side objective, which is to take their flag deep into the bodyguards start, and cap it in the Nuclear Reactor. This done, the hunted will start to die slowly, and again the assassins will score more points.

The start of the map (at the hunted end) is very linear, and if the assassins get down to that area before he has had a chance to get out it should be fairly easy for them to pick him off, unless the bodyguards do their job well. After the first bit, things start to get more interesting as there are lots (and I mean lots) of buildings to get lost in, all with little nooks and crannies for deadly assassins to be lurking in. Unfortunately, it does get a little bit too complex, and it is quite easy to get a bit disorientated at times, but so long as you keep going forward they all meet up at the escape zone eventually.

The architecture in the map is fairly good, and there are lots of interesting shapes to keep your eyes focused on. One bad thing to note, however, is the fact that some of the textures don't really feel as thought they should be there, but all in all the map has a good feel to it. This is added to by the background sounds of gunfights and the helicopter.

When you get into the buildings near the end, as I mentioned before, there are lots of sniping spots which the assassins can seclude themselves in, but on the other hand there are no really huge areas of open ground which the hunted has to cover to get out. This, coupled with the fact that the bodyguards can also have snipers, means that the assassins are going to have a hard job killing the hunted. Also, because of the fact that the assassins can ONLY be snipers, they might have a hard time capping their flag in the reactor.

This map deserves to be played, if just to get a public opinion of it. I think it would do fairly well on a public server, and would keep peoples interests alive for a while. Betrayed is just about the only other hunted map (apart from the original) which I have liked, and that kept people entertained by introducing the green demoman. This map has done it by giving the teams slightly different objectives in order to score more points.

Pros: Nice layout, although can be a little disorientating
Cons: A little bit too long
Audience: Due to the nature of the map, it could really only be played on public servers, but could do well
Overall: Get this map on your server and play it!

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