Right, another map review, another by our intrepid leader in all things ‘alternative’ (on the TFC maps front), Vitani.
So let’s have a look see. Egypt. Based on a goldeneye map of the same name. Completely new style of play. Immense fun.

The aim of the map depends on who you are. If you are ultra speedy blue Hwguy then your aim is to kill peeps and survive. If you’re a red scout, demo, or soldier your aim is to survive and kill the blue guy.
Now note the ordering of your aims, this is important.
Now each of these people are not armed with their regular weapons cos that would be dull. No all the red peeps have a flame-thrower, autorifle, normal shotty and crowbar. This means their only difference is the speed and amount of damage they can absorb. The blue HW is, in fact, as far removed from a normal HW you can get. He is very fast and is armed with only a knife (and crowbar maybe, damn my bad memory).

So there’s no challenge for the reds you say. Well here’s the thing. The entire level is pitch black (okay bar about 2 places where something illuminates the surroundings a tiny bit). How do you see (say you)? Well you have to bind the flashlight to a key. This useful tool allows you to see wherever you aim your sights with a lovely little spotlight. To everyone else it lights you up like a huge beacon.

So now you see. The single HW (alien) can run around super fast, watching the groups of reds (marines) bumble around trying to find him. Then when they’re not looking you sneak up behind one, kill it, and run away and let them fire randomly into the night.

Immense fun. The paranoia you get as a red (marine) is superb. Trying to make sure your always covering each other. Then the sheer panic you get as you find yourself isolated and hear the sound of footsteps in the darkness.

Also this is the first map I have found where its fun to simply spectate. You sit there on the blue guy, watching him hunt about after the reds. Immense fun. You watch him as he hides in a corner and the reds run past unwittingly. Its great. Also immensely funny when you have someone who is a good commentator commentating on the action (I mean what else would they do?)

Nearly forgot some key features. The blue guy regenerates his health over time. So you gotta chase him down whenever you get a sight of him otherwise he runs off, gets back to full health and then comes after you again. Secondly when blue dies then he gets swapped to red and the guy who killed him goes blue. So there’s a reward for hunting him down, preventing you just hiding in a corner and it all goes away.

So well done to Vitani for a superbly designed map, with lots of secret passages, columns and cubby holes to hide around and hunt through. It is one of the most fun maps I have played for ages.
Okay so it isn’t suitable for clan play but who cares. Go play a boring CTF map while us alternative types have the time of our life being frightened to death :-)

PS. I haven’t post any pictures cos pictures of black are rather pointless. Next time we have a pickup and have a game then I will get some screenies of the action to show the map in its true glory.

Pros: All of it
Cons: Erm... not suitable for clans?
Audience: Funseeking TF players
Final Verdict: Roar, die miserable marine!


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