Outside, looking to red capture points

One of the blue flags

The Ramp Room - Access to both flags is through here

The blue capture points

This is slightly different in the normal CTF style map, in that there are two flags which must be captured. If you capture one flag, your team gets 1 point and you get 5 frags. If, however, both of the enemy flags are captured within 30 seconds of each other, your team gets 5 points.

The layout of this map confused me slightly at first, as there are no clear definitions between the two bases, but after running around for a few minutes I got the feel of the layout, which is tight and twisty, yet has those all important larger areas for the classes that need them.

The map has a few new textures included in it, although they are nothing to get too excited about, but they do add to the map and it would be hard to find your way around without them. The texture work in this map is simple, yet it fits in with the general feel of the map, which is a simple map, but one that works. The central area is water, with some waterfalls as well.

While I was running around the map myself, I couldn't manage to capture both flags together ( I may have managed it had I learnt my way around a bit more though :P ) so it shows that the teams must work together to capture the enemy flags.

Also, the author chose to include a .map file in the zip which contains all the entities needed to recreate the map yourself, so go on, I hope to see them here in the future...

Pros: Good idea, plenty of ways to get to the flags
Cons: No clear identification of one base from another, can get confusing
Audience: Should be good for both clan matches and public servers, although the teams will probably lack the coordination to cap both flags on a public server
Final Verdict: Good map, deserves to have room in some mapcycles

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