The Weapon in action

Rather cool lifts in the weapon center

That green stuff is bad for you, just like cabbage

Nice effects in the flag room

The switch that lets you access to the Weapon, also a safe zone for when the weapon is fired

The Yard. Open, big, defendable

The Red base entrance, incase you didn't see the huge sign

Part of the secret access between the two bases, nice, very nice :o)

Double Penetration is one interesting map to say the least!! It takes the best parts from rock2 and shutdown, and merges them into a wonderful masterpiece.

The Objective is to infiltrate the enemy base, grab their key, hit the switch that opens the door to the weapon center, slot in the weapons key, stand back and watch the fireworks :o)
The key is situated in a beautifully designed flag room, but don't fall off the narrow ramps as you'll only get annoyed and have to climb up to get out. The Flag room is situated in the corner of the yard, a nice open area with a suspended gangway going round the perimeter and across the width of the yard. There are five ways into the yard, two from the opposing base, and two from inside your base, and one from the flag room, so a good defence would be based here, as the yard is the only way in to get the key.

Each team has only one respawn room with two exits, so evil Demo's & HWGuys will be extra annoying by spamming the enemies one, and only, resupply & spawn room. So unless kept well monitored this map could turn out to be a spam-feast at respawn. Another nag is falling into the radio-active waste in the area between the two bases, you lose about 5 health/sec and the only way out is by ladders, which an annoying soldier could easily keep you from getting up.

This map comes into it's own if you manage to find the secret "passage" way between the two bases, that Noggin has obviously put a lot of effort into, and it's paid off! But before you ask, no, I'm not going to tell you where it is, you'll have to find it on your own! But once you find it you will see what I mean. It's not really a short-cut between the two bases, more of an interesting alternative.

Pros: Nice idea, good looking architecture, all-round fun
Cons: A few areas the can get a bit annoying, nothing major
Audience: Very good for a clan war, not so hot for public games.
Final Verdict: One well thought-up map that deserves a lot of respect, but needs a group of level headed people to play it properly.


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