Spawn point... ooo space

The middle waterfall

The (half built) ladder round the back

One of the buttons to limit classes

The base layout

Firstly, as you can see by the score (which i KNOW you have looked at already) you can see i like this map lots.

The basic idea of the map is to take your gas key to the enemy gas chamber and set of the gas, scoring 15 points and simultaniously wiping out most the population of the map. Now Rock2 is many a persons faviourite map as it is pretty well balanced, well this carries on the fine tradition. The fact that there is no huge expanse of water, or many gas suits (7 to be precise in the ENTIRE map) then you will get quite alot of deaths by my reckoning. Now in my view that is funny although many people will not find it so good, but hey :-)

However the bad point start here. Yout gas key is located in YOUR base. This means it is nice and easy to get straight away and peg it to the enemy base but, and this is a but with a capital B, when the key goes back, or a cap is made then the key is in your base and you are... normally in their base. This means surviving the gas is pretty pointless as you cannot gain another quick cap.

To get the next bad point out of the way while i am here the entrance to get to the basement of the base is pretty small. Ok yes you can go round but still the doorway to it from ground level is rather small so that a concentrated defence can easily stop you. However if you go round they will have to change so this isnt a huge problem.

A quick mention on the architecture. The basic sheme is that the bases are good old 2fort grey with large amounts of the team colour on it. This is good as you can easily distinguish which base you are whislt the other players in the game are easily visible. Dull? phah stop moaning it looks good. Also the waterfall and toehr such touches, including th spacey bit you spawn into, make the map look exceedingly lovely. well done to Mr.Bee for taking so long to think it out and make it look right.

Now for the spankingly good bits. Firstly is the idea of building a ladder to create another way into the anamy base. This takes two trips by an engineer and they have to pick up a special ladder pack to do so. However once done then there is a second invaluable way into the enemy base that bypasses the probelm i mentioned above, tht small doorway, so that your cappers can get in fast. Also i love this idea as it means engineers in built up defences with little or no offense attacking them have something useful to do rather than kill each other.

Next stupidly good and incredibly clever idea... class limiting. This is done by shooting special buttons that are strewn around the enemy base. When these buttons are shot no-one can be that class on the enemy team for 60 seconds. This master storke means that a whole league of cunning tactics can come into play. That HWguy unbeatable in his current place so u you cannot get through to cap? GO shoot his button and he cannot spawn again for a while, leaving the path clear to gas them all. Also if you do hit a couple of switches then a gas attack becomes even more useful as it will eradicate those classes that you have hit for a while. However i bet people will just run about randomly shooting buttons even if it doesnt help. Also scouts and soldiers, the two main stalwarts of the TFC player, are unlimitable. This would probably mean that there will be a greater bias on these two classes which could unbalance a game. Overall this idea could also be annoying, especially if your class is limited continuously. This could annoy alot of players, however i love it.

Overall i think that this map is a great map. The gas chamber idea has always been a fave of mine for sheer annoyance value and this topped with limiting and ladders makes it a fave map with me. Now to get it on some public server map rotations...

Pros: Limiting classes, gas, ladders
Cons: Small basement entrance, limiting classes (i know i said it twice
Audience: Clan games thought MAYBE public servers
Final Verdict: A very good map with some great ideas that has few faults.


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