After reviewing my last map The Compound I was pleased by the interesting architecture this map bestowed apon me. Apon trying to play the map, however I found myself confused as hell, and decided it would be fun to play around in the suicide chambers.

There are a couple objectives for this map, Mr. Bee describes it as a rock-style map, however I think a better discription would be reverse-CTF. I suppose he used that description because apon flag capture, gas is released. On top of that, if you get into the enemy's base, you will be able to find switches to capture the enemy's players, locking them into the respawn area, for 60 seconds, should they be killed.

The design of the map is pretty interesting. You start of on 2 reeeealy cool glass spaceships, floating side-by-side. Take the teleport up ahead and you will be dropped of in your main base. The teleport takes you to a different chamber each time, each with its own suicide booth (?!) You must go down into your basement and take your key, and find your way out of your damn confusing base. You take the key out of your yard, across a bridge, overlooking a nice waterfall, to the enemies base down to the basement and into the GC (nerve gas released, secure protective suit immediately)

If that wasn't already more fun than a bucket of screaming howler monkeys, there is another part. Make your way to the enemy base, and pick just about any door you find. If you can navagate the complicated maze, you will find several switches, each marked with a number. Shoot the switches, and each of the corresponding classes will be locked into respawn for 60 seconds. To make entry to the enemy base easier, engineers may find a bag of ladder parts in their basement. Take these parts to the left side of the enemy base, on the dirt mound (it will take 2 trips), and you can build a ladder up to one of their sniper nests!

The design of the map was great, and it's really fun! I'm afraid i don't even need to explain how compicated it is to you. It eventually becomes pretty similar to capture the flag, with some random roamers shooting the easiest switches, trapping the snipers over and over again :)

Pros: Great design, very attractive.
Cons: So daaaamn confusing (can i say confusing?)
Audience: Controlled clans
Final Verdict: Get now, if you have a good clan to play with, or you want something pretty to look at.

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