Aww a cute penguin, and why should i beware the [penguins mr snowman?

Ah this would be why.  Never try to execute penguins kids...

Picturesque i am sure you will agree, so i took a picture

Arg only 51 seconds to hide this bananaised flag!

Well, banana, where can I start? Hmmm.

Well first off this map is like nothing you have played before. The objective is to hide your flag somewhere clever and then go and find the enemy flag and bring it back.
At the start of the round you have 60 seconds to hide your flag. This can be done in any of the incredibly varied scenery that there is around the map. The two ‘bases’ are identical although tbh they aren’t your typical bases, more like the same bit mirrored, as there is no nml. Once this has done go find the enemy flag, although some people defending could be useful.

I admittedly have not tried this in a multiplier game but to me it would work very well with the huge amounts of places that you could hide the flag. In essence you could do with no defence, but only if you are incredibly confident of your hiding ability.

Next special bit. The penguins. The surface of the base is a very nice snow-covered area with some picturesque trees and some penguins waddling around. Now in this area is a snowman holding a sign warning you of the penguins, pay it heed. One shot to these grenade toting little birds will result in a very large explosion. Good last ditch saves for the flag then. It amused me no end :-)

Next special bit. In each ‘flag room’ there is a pyro weapon, either a flame-thrower or a rocket launcher (the pyro one of course). These have been added because of the penchant of WoF for setting things (especially carrots) on fire. A misspent childhood if you ask me. Anyway these can add a bit of fun into the game when you suddenly realise that harmless looking scout is actually toted up with a flame-thrower, then you die. Very humorous. Obviously this almost negates pyros but then there aren’t many of the fire throwing people running about in most games, despite their supreme skills.

Right I suppose I must list some bad points. Well there is actually a point on the map where you can hide the flag and cannot then retrieve it. This is obviously bad. However in a clan/pickup/friendly kind of game I would expect this map to be played in I doubt people would do such a thing and I believe a r2 may be in the works to fix this and other minor problems.

Next bad bit, um, erm….. um…. Aha I can steal this observation from somewhere else! If the flag is hidden on the surface then it could be very difficult to get it. This is because the 2 slow moving lifts are the only way up. Add some soldiers at the top and you have a very well defended flag. ‘That’s Bad’ to steal a phrase.

Anyway overall this map is a great idea with some lovely custom models that everyone should have for their friendlies with WoF or pickup games. Clever and good, that’s a first…

Pros: New play style, penguins, pyro weapons
Cons: Easy to defend surface, bug to stop flag being retreived
Audience: People who play games with WoF alot or who like to have fun
Final Verdict: A very good new map with some minor problems that could be fixed in a _r2

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