this a very cool part of the map and 1 way to get on top of map!

this is very cool but wish it worked or have on that does work!

When I first downloaded this map, I thought to myself "Wow, this might be a very cool map because it has the quaked 2 theme." In a way I was right it was a very well designed map, but it lacked funness and creative imagery. There isn't anything new besides the textures used. Though it is a creative idea to use quake textures, just same old, same old CTF type of map.

Ok, the map is very simple, 2 bases with flags and different ways to get the flags. The bases are exactly the same (except the base color obviously.) Though this maps is CTF it still is a good Death match map. There are many places that you can hide and jump out on your enemy, also much space that you can get to and snipe with out any problem. Also good engie map. A lot of good Sg placements, and dispenser placements as well. You can rack up the point as engie in this map.

Like I said this map was lacking funness factor because he could have done a lot with this map and added more rooms or open areas. There just wasn't anything new. And there weren't any secret areas. (I looked every were and there was none to be found!) You have to have secret area in a quake themed map. There are also some thing I have noticed like texture line ups in corners. Few boundary problems with the sky. You can run on the top of the map as sniper and score big! (But take a few try’s to get u there)

Something I said early was it would be a good Death Match map. If it were DM Map (which it turn more a less to be) the factor of fun would be higher, and might be a better map over all. Now after spending 3 hours playing on LAN. I'm really sick of it! It is good for a LAN for about 30 minutes but after 1 hour things get boring. Adding more people helps a little, but fades.

But the one factor that helps the map is it architecture. This map has taken a lot of quake techniques and added them into this map. There are the very high walls and the weird shaping of them. There also was the Box's with the quake symbols on them, (there all over) there also is the sparks off the walls and buttons that are broken. There is one room that has very cool beams that are broken and is very cool. There is also a few confusing things that are out of place, There is a place with a wall that has no real need. Also the elevator should work! Or at least have one that does work.

Pros- the map has a lot of good techniques and good idea of using Quake 2 textures. Nice job of intergrading them into a tfc map.
Cons- The map isn't fun, There are too man maps that are small and have the same CTF feel. Few texture alignment problems. Boring map.
Overall- Think the map could have done a lot better if it was bigger and was death match. But needs work!
Good for what? It is ok for LAN's, but not good for clan matches. Could be used as every day server map if want, but I wouldn't!

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