Half-Life News Sites

MORAT   General gaming news
PlanetFortress   For all that is Fortress
FortressNation   From the ashes of the UKFN

Related TFC Sites

[M]   Clan MORAT
[WoF]   Warriors of Fun
[WTF?]   Clan WTF?
.id   Invade & Defend Guild

Other Editing Sites

The VERC Collective   The Valve Editing Resouces Center


Hammer 3.4   Valves very own Half-Life map building program, what the pros use to make maps
Zoners HL Tools   These are the files that compile your TF maps for you, If your still using QCSG, QBSP, etc I suggest you change to these tools right away
Wally   THE Texture editor for Half-Life, Quake, and such like games
Pak Explorer   A little program that allows you to veiw the .pak files that come with Half-Life in a Windows Explorer fashion
Half-Life Model Viewer   A nice program that lets you see the Half-Life models, rotate them, and see all the animations each model can perform
Radfile Editor   pick out the colour you want the texture to glow as, set the intensity, and scroll through the list of available textures, all in a handy little window.
Leak Marker 01b   This will find leaks in your map and create an entity (of your choice) near the leak so you can easily track it down!

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