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13 Jul 2022 10:12

Bluey Theme Song played by Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (probably been posted before, but I have no-one else to share this with!)

24Submitted by Izwe - View comments

15 Jun 2022 15:25

August crowd-levels (vs Magic Kindgom)

5Submitted by Izwe - View comments

Afternoon all Mickey fans!

We're going to DLP in late August and wondered how the 30th anniversery + Avengers Campus crowds will compare to a pre-pandemic Magic Kingdom day in the same month?

According to, late August is 3-53% in Florida, and is predicted to be 88% in Paris - but how do those percentages compare in real-terms? And can I believe a site that says MK was only at 3% on a Friday?

27 May 2022 11:01

LPT [UK]: If you are a normal employee and your tax code is not "1257L" you might be paying too much income tax

6Submitted by Izwe - View comments

There are many tax codes, but 1257L is the normal one. If you have no reason to be paying more tax (e.g. multiple jobs, recently changed employer, receive marriage allowance) then contact HMRC, and while you're on hold, check what benefits you are entitled to.

7 Apr 2022 14:16

What is the point in map zone icons?

5Submitted by Izwe - View comments

I was hoping that a person or tracker would "pick up" the icon of the zone, so that you could at a glace see where someone is without text, but that doesn't appear to be the case. Considering the documentation says, "It is preferred to pick an icon to use for your zone.", I fail to see why, as they are pretty useless? Am I missing something? Is there a way to give the zone icon to the people in that zone?

24 Mar 2022 08:59

How much money do you tip?

1Submitted by Izwe - View comments


22 Feb 2022 09:05

What are some cheap "club" sports?

4Submitted by Izwe - View comments

I need to get fit, and doing it on my own isn't working (I've tried running & swimming), but if a team or club "depends" on me then I am much more likely to commit (I used to play netball, but that closed when Covid hit).

28 Jan 2022 11:09

How soundproof are the state rooms? [Disney Magic]

3Submitted by Izwe - View comments

We're looking to book our first cruise (Northern Europe) this year for our son's 21st birthday and are torn between a cabin on deck 1/2 or on deck 6/7. We're thinking of deck 2 as the room is larger and has a seperate shower/toilet, but it's also right beneath the lounges/resturants and as we're not night owls wouldn't want to be trying to sleep while there's loud entertainment going on above us. Is that a valid concern, or are the rooms good enough that we wouldn't be able to hear anything?

29 Dec 2021 19:17

Did you know that snot and semen are made from the same fluid? That's also the reason why Toby's Spiderman can shoot webs naturally....

3Submitted by RAHDRIVE - View comments

Shooting ropes indeed...

11 Dec 2021 12:02

Bought a thermostat today, is it broken? Do I need to return it?

1Submitted by Izwe - View comments

17 Nov 2021 14:08

Johnson accuses Starmer of "refusing to explain" his work for the legal firm Mishcon de Reya adding his own "mischconduct is absolutely clear".

0Submitted by Izwe - View comments

1 Sep 2021 13:30

Don't get cocky kid ...

1Submitted by RAHDRIVE - View comments

7 Jul 2021 14:06

Best indexer/provider for series specials?

4Submitted by Izwe - View comments

I'm looking for specials/season zero content and they seem to be hard to find!

28 Jun 2021 14:25

Are there any WDW vinyls in the wild?

10Submitted by Izwe - View comments

My wife just bought a record player and it sounds amazing! Are there any Disney World records worth buying? I looked on eBay, but could only find It's a Small World.

26 Jun 2021 14:13

I'm not a fan of Primark, but they are saying it as it is this June

426Submitted by Izwe - View comments

25 Jun 2021 08:27

In English, how many/which letters could we get rid of, and the language still make sense? What about other languages?

1Submitted by Izwe - View comments

18 Jun 2021 14:57

Completing a survey from the local council, and their gender question is pretty much spot-on

5Submitted by Izwe - View comments

12 Jun 2021 15:16

£50 from Lidl's clearance bin, hope they work with HA!

5Submitted by Izwe - View comments

4 Jun 2021 18:40

(MtF) How does one go about making their nipples stick out? [NSFW]

1Submitted by Izwe - View comments

I've been on HRT for 2½ years now, got some great breast growth, but my nipples are as flat as an old penny coin. Any tips on making them stand out like a roll of quarters?

6 May 2021 07:34

I haven't weighed under 100kg for I don't know how long

17Submitted by Izwe - View comments

15 Apr 2021 20:28

Some -idiot- landed her plane on Main Street U.S.A. today!

5Submitted by Izwe - View comments

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